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Meet The Team


Margaret Miles


Margaret founded MJMK in 2017, Her determination, strength and bubbly personality is what kept MJMK going for 4 years and is the heart of MJMK.


Michaela Miles


Michaela is Margaret's daughter, She is also a Mental Health Advocate, Like her mom her Strength and Bubbly Personality is the heart of MJMK .


Andrea Day

Secondary Co- Owner & Head Moderator

Andrea is a Portrait artist and illustrator, Some of her work have been seen by the Jackson Family themselves, To see some of Rea's work Click Here


Shellie Shokes

Secondary Co- Owner & VIP Ambassador

Shellie is the glue that holds MJMK together being a VIP Ambassador Shellie has contributed her heart and soul to MJMK, Her dedication and time she puts into the site does not go unnoticed.


Hannah Freer

MJMK Councellor

Hannah's loving, caring and warm hearted Personality shines through the whole of MJMK, She is our councellor for the reason that she is always there for people if they need it, She's a dedicated, strong and amazing woman.

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