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Michael's Dream Foundation

Michael's Dream Foundation a.k.a MDF  is a Non-Profit Organisation in the USA with the ultimate mission of raising funds to build Michael's global virtual Children's Hospital. Continuing on Michael's humanitarian work in memory of him.

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When Michael left this world he made a path for all to follow in his footsteps, his work continues in all of us, he taught this world that love is the answer. His love for children made him dream of a hospital like no other, filled with all the things he envisioned, but mostly with love. Michael envisioned a hospital that felt like a home, a warm and fun place, not a sterile cold institutional building. When we all heard his dream on that recording it hit everyone like a lightning bolt, straight to the heart and minds of many people.
This is where "
Michael’s Dream Foundation" was born.
What better way to carry on Michael’s work than to see his dream fulfilled. We see Michael’s vision and  will follow the path he left us. We truly believe that Michael is still leading the way. Many people have come together because they also feel a sanctuary in what this foundation is doing. We are healing many broken hearts across the world.

— Louise Greer, CEO/President Michael's Dream Foundation

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