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"I'll Be There"

MJ Tributes
Here fans can write their messages to MJ, Please keep messages respectful.
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Messages to MJ

"Since i was a little girl i have always tried to walk in your footsteps Michael and help other people and spread L.O.V.E all over the world so we can bring peace to this sick world just like you did. With the help of all fans over the world we can, in time, bring peace and happiness to the world, with also new cures for extreme illnesses such as Cancer, Dementia, and Alzheimer's. Together we can do it! Thank you Michael for showing us how to love and be at peace with everyone! Even when people hated on you, you continued to show compassion and love, that takes courage! I love you so much Michael and miss you more that words can explain! I will see you in Heaven when it's my turn to leave my footprints behind for other people to follow! Rest my sweet Angel Michael ... I will always and forever defend and L.O.V.E you !"

Margaret Miles

Michael and his music helped me through so much, even to this day it's so hard to believe that such an inspirational legend has gone, MJ created such a bond with his fans which is so hard to find in artists nowadays, i am forever grateful to have grown up with his music, Michael has created such a bond between me and my mom and for that i will be forever thankful to him, I Love You MJ!

Michaela Miles

Michael, since I was 14 years old I had discovered the best album of all time Thriller. Your awesome album and title song helped me get through my teenage years at high school. My wonderful loving parents Cliff and Jean R.I.P. had got me a copy of your Thriller jacket (which I still have to this day) and I danced my way through those times at school disco's and weddings wearing it as I never took it off ha ha. People I knew were asking me to dance to Thriller and songs such as Smooth Criminal and The way you make me feel from the Bad album. I had many friends who supported me as before I got bullied because of my hair colour plus other things. It was awesome because then I had more friends. Every time I went through hardship and illness, which got worse through the years, your music got me through it. When I had given birth to my son in 1992 I named him after you but he's known as Mikey full name Michael Darryl, (Middle name Darryl after your character in Bad) He's my miracle child. I am a portrait artist and always draw your beautiful face and it is then, through my art, I found my wonderful best friend online. It was in 2009 after suffering a pulmonary embolism I got talking to a special lady online and our friendship bloomed very quickly. She is a fellow MJ fan and she's incredible. Once again your music had helped me find a loyal beautiful and talented best friend. I would not do without her as she is awesome and such an angel taking care of me while my awesome husband is at work. I had and still suffer with many health issues but my best friend Margi helps me to get through them all. Myself and my husband gave her a home and we are so glad we did and love her so much. I am a God Mother to her beautiful daughter Michaela who is also Margis miracle child. So thank you so much Michael, without you even knowing us all, you helped me in so many ways and I am truly thankful to you. If only you knew what an inspiration you really are and an awesome role model to your fans. May your legacy live on and on for many years to come. Thank you Michael I love you so much R.I.P. as now you are in the arms of angels.

Andrea Day

Michael you’re still working hard filling the world with love. Where there is ❤️ we know you are near. Love you more LG

Louise Greer

Happy Birthday Michael!

Sarah Cresswell

Here in my heart you live forever dearest Michael & I promise to listen to your messages of love ❣️🌻

Tammy Williams

I wish I could have met you, I will always keep your memory alive.

Debbie Boatwright

Michael i'll never let you part for your always in my heart. I Love You Forever. i Miss You ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Lucia Kováčová

Micheal has inspired me in so many ways he was such a kind and gentle person his music has inspired so many people Micheal Jackson also reminds me of my sister Margaret she and Micheal both have the same ambitions in life to make the world a better place the world is such a strange place at the minute but thinking about Micheal and how much my sister and Jo my other half mean to mean gives me hope Micheal you will be missed by all who loved you

Matthew Smedmor

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